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Learning how to make a video game from scratch can be a very fun and rewarding process. With the rise of mobile gaming, people throughout the world are taking advantage of the huge video game market by creating and selling their games. Different video games for different platforms and operating systems are created slightly differently, but they are all based on the same general concepts.

You will need to learn how to code in at least one language before you can make your own game, especially if you want to be able to customize the way it looks and works. Programming is the basis of video game development, and learning how to make a game from scratch involves learning how to code.

In this course it will be teach the art of developing computer games.

It will show how to use game engines like Unity.

It will teach several programming languages.

The objective is that students are able to develop games by their own, gives insights on the 3D programming area, it will also show design principles and approaches to the best practices of software development. It has an intensive basis in order to maximize the learning process of the students.

Hope you enjoy and have fun on this course.

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